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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you need please call us at 1-888-wKW-SING (959-7464) or use our Contact Page to send us a message.

Karaoke Music

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Karaoke Music

Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment that lets you be the singing star that you've always wanted to be! With Karaoke, the music of your favorite recording artists accompanies you while you sing the lyrics. Don't know the words? No problem! With a Karaoke player, the words to your favorite songs will scroll across the screen of any regular TV. Imagine the fun that you and your friends will have singing along to your favorite songs!

Karaoke originated in Japan. The word Karaoke comes from "kara" which is an abbreviation of "karappo" and means empty, and "oke" which is an abbreviation of "okesutura," or orchestra. The word Karaoke is used to describe a music disc that has music but no vocals, instead the words to the song are shown on a television screen, allowing you to sing along to the music.

Once popular only in Japan, Karaoke is now popular throughout the US at clubs, parties, weddings and anywhere where people love to sing!

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What is CDG?

CDG (or CD+G) stands for compact disc plus graphics. A CDG Karaoke disc contains an additional track, which displays the song lyrics on a TV when played on a Karaoke player. The words to the song are typically displayed on a blue background and are highlighted in a contrasting color to signal when the words should be sung. The CDG format is the Karaoke standard for most of the world's Karaoke.

CDG Karaoke disks require a special Karaoke player called a Karaoke CDG Player. A Karaoke CDG player is similar to a regular CD player, except that it has an additional chip for reading the graphics track of a CDG. In addition, a CDG Karaoke Player also has a place to plug in a microphone, a key controller to adjust for the singer's key, and an echo control to enhance the singer's voice.

It is easy to set up a CDG Karaoke player. Take the player out of the box, plug the yellow cord from your CDG Karaoke player into the back of your TV to display the song lyrics and you are ready to sing.

Please note there are no videos or movie clips on a CDG disc.

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What is VCD?

VCD stand for Video CD. Video CD Karaoke discs provide not only the lyrics in time with the music, but also a video background display that complements the song.

This format is less expensive (about half the price) of CDG disks.

To play Video CD disks you need either a CDG Karaoke player with Video CD capabilities or a DVD player since all DVD players can play Video CD format. Many CDG Karaoke players have a combination Video CD and CDG function and operate the same way as a regular CDG Karaoke player.

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What are DVD Karaoke Disks?

DVD Karaoke disks are generally replications of the Video CD Karaoke disks. The video background on a DVD Karaoke Disk is much higher quality than a Video CD disk, however, currently there is no additional music, improved sound quality, or special DVD features. DVD Karaoke disks tend to be higher priced and there is less selection of songs.

A normal DVD player will play both the DVD and Video CD Karaoke disks. However, a Karaoke DVD Player has additional features such as microphone inputs, key changer, and echo control.

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Will CDG play on my CD player, computer or DVD player?

Yes, a CDG Karaoke disk will play in any standard CD Player, computer or DVD player. However, the song lyrics will not be displayed since only a CDG player can read the graphics track.

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Will VCD play on my CD player or computer?

A VCD, with appropriate software, will play on your computer, but it will not play on a CD player.

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Will Karaoke DVD play on my DVD player or computer?

Yes, however, a Karaoke DVD Player has additional features such as microphone inputs, key changer, and echo control.

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What is "multiplex"?

All Karaoke discs (CDG, VCD and Karaoke DVD) are made in either a multiplex or non-multiplex format.

Multiplex discs, have vocal demos for each song so that you can choose to listen to the song with or without the vocals. Non-multiplex discs provide only one version of the song, without the vocals.

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How can I remove the vocals from a multiplex disc?

The vocal demos can be removed by locating the "vocal remove" or "multiplex function" on your Karaoke player. By turning this button on or off you can add or remove the demo singer.

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What does " vocal demo" mean?

This is a multiplex disc with a demo singer.

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Are these original recordings?

No, Karaoke tracks are recreations of the original song. All songs have been re-recorded with the goal of sounding as similar to the original as possible. Please note that multiplex discs do not feature the original artist.

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How do I know what key the song is recorded in?

Generally, the song is recorded in the same key that the artist recorded it in. Unfortunately, most Karaoke disc manufacturers do not provide key of the song.

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Can I change the key of the song?

Yes, with a "digital key changer". Although many Karaoke players offer a key changer feature, only a digital key changer effectively changes key. Non-digital key changers change both the key and the speed the sound and are, therefore, not ideal for key changing.

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Do the Karaoke recordings have "background singers"?

Yes, most discs and songs have background singers, mainly for the chorus. And these background singers are not removable.

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Why don't you offer the song that I am looking for?

Karaoke Warehouse has a huge music database, but unfortunately, not all songs are available for Karaoke. We will be happy to search for a song for you and special order it if necessary. Just use our contact form and let us know what you need.

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Hybrid Karaoke

What is Hybrid CD+G?

Hybrid CDG discs will play in any Karaoke CD+G player, regular CD player or on a computer with Windows Media Player!

The screen (TV or computer monitor) will display the lyrics and will highlight each of them in time with the music. You can also play Hybrid discs on a normal CD player, although it will output the music only. Only a Karaoke CD+G player or Windows Media Player equipped computer will output lyrics to a screen.

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My PC won't play my hybrid disk. Now what?

  • Nothing happens when I put the disc in the drive, or My computer sees the disc as a regular audio CD
    1. Close ALL programs, including "My Computer" or Windows Explorer
    2. Re-insert the disc and wait for the drive to finish initializing. Depending on your PC this may take a few minutes
    3. If the start page still does not come up, open "My Computer" and right click on the CD-ROM drive. In the menu that pops up choose "Explore". This will show you the contents of the disc. There should be a file listed called "start.html". Double click this file to access the startup screen.
    4. If your computer still sees the disc as a regular audio CD, try rebooting the PC with the hybrid CD+G disc in the CD drive and then start back at item 1.
    5. If you have tried everything mentioned so far and still can not get the disc to play, try updating the device driver for your CD-ROM drive. Refer to your computer's documentation or manufacturer for more information.
  • One of my songs ends abruptly.

    1. Select the Windows Media Player tab called "Media Library". (This is just called "Library" in WMP 10)
    2. Expand the "All Video" heading by clicking on the "+" next to it. (It should change to a "-" if you clicked it correctly)
    3. Expand the "Genre" category and click on the category called "Karaoke". Every Hybrid Karaoke/Guitaraoke song in your library should be listed here, and you can play a song by clicking on it. Any problems with songs ending abruptly should be fixed by playing them from this location.
  • When I press "Play Songs" Windows tells me that "the file may contain scripts or try to access information in your Media Library". What does this mean?

    This is a standard message that Windows uses to warn you that information is being copied to your computer. Click "yes" so that the songs can be copied into your Windows Media Library.
  • How do I delete old or duplicate songs from my library? (To make room for more, if necessary)

    1. Run Windows Media Player and click the "Media Library" button on the left hand side of the Media Player window.
    2. If Media Player asks if you want to scan your computer for media files click "yes". (Note that this option may take several minutes, depending on how many media files you have in your library)
    3. Once finished, select "All Video" from the left hand menu and then delete files from the right hand side. Media Player will ask if you want to delete from the library or from the library and the computer. Select "delete from both Library and PC".

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    Karaoke Players

    Do I need a special Karaoke player?

    Yes. All Karaoke discs are made with a special track that contains the song lyrics on the disc. When a Karaoke disc is played on a Karaoke player, which is connect to any regular TV, the song lyrics are displayed on the TV. The words to the song are typically displayed on a blue background and are highlighted in a contrasting color to signal when the words should be sung. No matter what type of Karaoke music you purchase, you will need a Karaoke player to be able to see the lyrics to the songs.

    In addition only Karaoke Players offer you a microphone connection, a vocal changer and a key changer.

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    What is a portable Karaoke system?

    A portable Karaoke system is an all-in-one Karaoke player containing:

    • a CD player that has a graphic reading capability
    • a microphone connection
    • a built in speaker with separate woofer or tweeter horn
    • a tape cassette player which allows you to record your own voice singing along to the music
    • a video connector that connects your player to your home TV
    • a key changer that allows you to find the most comfortable key for you to sing in
    • an echo controller that improves the sound should someone sing off key
    • an external speaker jack that allows you to listen to the music through a more amplified component system
    • assorted free Karaoke disks to give you a complete out of the box experience.

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    Can I record myself singing?

    Yes! You will need a microphone to record yourself singing. Hook up the microphone, put an audiocassette in the tape loader, push record and start singing. What could be easier and more fun?

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    What if more than one person wants to sing at a time?

    You can buy another microphone for the second microphone input and sing duets! You can also record both of you singing together.

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    What is a component player?

    Component Karaoke players are similar to portable Karaoke players in size and function but include several additional features that are important to professional Karaoke Jockeys:

    • two or more microphone inputs with separate microphone volume controls.
    • a digital key changer
    • a digital echo control.
    • a video out jack for connection to a home TV or to a professional monitor
    • multi-disc carousel or drawer systems
    • programmable features that make it easy to cue specific discs and tracks.

    In addition the component player does not have its own speaker or amp so it must be connected to separate sound system. Finally the component player does not have its own audiocassette tape recorder so any tapes must be made using a separate tape recorder.

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    Glossary Of Terms

    CD+G (CDG)

    5" CD (standard CD size) with TV graphics. Song lyrics are displayed on a TV screen when the disc is played on a CD+G player and connected to a TV.

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    Replications of the Video CD Karaoke discs in a DVD format.

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    Key Control (digital key control, pitch control, key changer)

    Raises or lowers the song notes to help you sing in your range. Digital key control affects only the pitch, not the tempo. A non-digital key control will slow or speed up the song tempo and thus, is not ideal.

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    Multiplex discs

    Discs that have vocal demos for each song, so that you can choose to listen to the song with, or without, the vocals.

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    RF Modulator

    Adapter that converts signal from Karaoke player, through a cable connection, to a non-video ready TV.

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    Speed Control

    Changes the tempo of the music

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    Function that allows video input from TV, VCR or video camera. The video input is displayed on TV screen behind lyrics of CDG discs.

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    Video CD (VCD)

    5" CD with video. Video CD Karaoke discs provide not only the lyrics in time with the accompaniment, but also a video background display that complements the song

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    Vocal Reducer (vocal masking, vocal suppresser)

    Reduces the level of vocal range on regular CD. May reduce instruments in same range. Has the effect of reducing volume.

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    Vocal Replacement (voice cancel, vocal partner)

    Mutes the recorded vocal on multiplex recordings when you sing into a microphone and brings them back up when you stop singing.

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    Placing and Tracking Orders

    May I order by phone?

    If you prefer, you may order by phone by calling 888-959-7464 in the USA and 614-527-2915 for international calls. We cannot take order for Custom Discs over the phone.

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    What forms of payment does Karaoke Warehouse accept?

    For USA orders:

    Karaoke Warehouse accepts PayPal, American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. We do not accept Money Orders or Checks.

    For International Orders

    Karaoke Warehouse accepts Mastercard, Visa and Discover AMEX on all orders.

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    How long will it take to get my order?

    Most orders that are placed before 3:00 pm EST weekdays will be shipped that day. Orders placed after that time or on the weekends will go out the next business day. Your ship-by and deliver-by dates will be clearly stated during the checkout process and will depend on the items you order, the shipping method you choose and the FedEx policies governing your area.

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    Are there any additional charges applied?

    State tax is added for our Ohio customers. Customers outside of the U.S. may have import, customs or V.A.T. (Value Added Taxes) charges imposed by their countries (we do put a customs label on the package, as required).

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    I ordered something that is on backorder, now what?

    From time to time we might run out of certain favorite Karaoke disc titles. Generally, backordered disks delay shipping from one to five days.

    Our procedure for back orders is the following:

    For United States and Canadian orders, we will ship available merchandise and only charge your credit card for what was shipped. When the back ordered items arrives at Karaoke Warehouse, we charge your credit card for the remaining merchandise and ship the backorder. Your backorder is shipped FREE of charge.

    For international orders, we will notify you by email and let you decide if you want the in stock merchandise shipped immediately or, if you prefer to wait for the backordered merchandise so that your order can be shipped as one package. Your credit card will be charged only at the time of shipment; however, we will charge you a second shipping cost for your backorder if you choose not to wait. We are sorry to do this, but have developed this policy due to the high cost of international shipping.

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    How can I track my order?

    Use the "My Account" section of the website to track your orders.

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    Price Match Discount - Guaranteed Lowest Price:

    We will beat any advertised internet merchandise price by 1% from our competitors.

    We reserve the right to waive a Price Match Discount on: eBay items, auction items, refurbished/used, liquidation, coupons or otherwise rebated merchandise. Merchandise must be identical and in-stock in the United States. Advertised price must be verified and shown on the competitor's website to qualify for a Price Match Discount. Discounts shall not be retroactively applied - Price Match Discounts only apply to current pricing at the time of purchase. We will match legitimate eBay "buy it now" items as long as shipping costs are taken into consideration. However, all Sound Choice products on eBay must be excluded as requested of us by Sound Choice.

    We reserve the right to accept or decline the validity of alleged competitors advertised price. Tax, shipping and handling charges will be assessed and included in all competitor's pricing to qualify for a Price Match Discount.

    To obtain a price match please call and request a Price Match Verification. This process requires you to obtain the exact URL address of the item you want to match. Copy and paste it into your email text and forward it to one of our sales representatives. Then call and compare the price match information from both websites for product price, any extra items, shipping costs etc. This process must be complete before a Price Match will be approved.

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    We are only able to ship select players and other pieces of equipment to and from Canada.

    How do you ship my order?

    We ship via FedEX. You can choose ground shipping, 3 day select, 2 day air, next day air and a few other options.

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    How soon after I order do you send my package?

    Most orders placed before 3:00 pm EST weekdays will be shipped that day, although this can vary depending on the items you order. During checkout your ship-by and delivery-by dates will be clearly displayed for each shipping method.

    Example Of The Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator

    Shipping to: Our Customer
    123 W Main St.
    Anytown, OH 43026
      Change the ship-to address

    more info on shipping methods
    FedEx Ground
    (Continental USA Only)
    $???? Normally ships within 2 business days. click here to view average transit times
    3 Day Select
    (USA Only)
    $???? ships today for delivery by End of Day Tue 10/24/06. */**
    2nd Day
    (USA Only)
    $???? ships today for delivery by End of Day Mon 10/23/06. */**
    Next Day Saver
    (USA Only)
    $???? ships today for delivery by End of Day Fri 10/20/06. */**
    Next Day
    (USA Only)
    $???? ships today for delivery by 10:30 A.M. Fri 10/20/06. */**
    Estimated number of packages: 1 (subject to change)

    * Shipping dates are subject to item availability. In the rare event that your order is delayed for more than two business days due to out-of-stock items we will provide free shipping when those items become available.

    ** Guaranteed delivery dates are based on the shipping date. If your shipping date is adjusted due to delayed shipping we will contact you before shipping your order.

    Here is a map showing average shipping times from Hilliard, Ohio.


    US Time in Transit Map


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    Do I have to sign for my order?

    All orders over $1000 must be signed for by the addressee. Please select your shipping address with this in mind.

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    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! International shipping charges vary by country and by shipping method. We may use the United States Post Office, UPS, or Federal Express. We will email you after you submit your order to confirm the shipping charges.


    Shipping charges for Canadian orders are processed as such:

    Karaoke Warehouse does not cover duty and tax fees.

    (Discs only)
    < 2 lbs
    < 2 lbs
    All others more than 2 lbs or more than $160 we will calculate your shipping and email you a quote for your approval.

    NOTE: We cannot ship electrical component items such as players, amps, mixers, speakers to Canada except for the VocoPro brand. You will be required to sign a shipping release form.

    All Other International

    Country Order Category Shipping Method
    All Under $75 USPS (See Table Below)
    All Other Over $75 FedEx - Quote will be sent to you

    USPS Charge
    Country 1-5 Discs 6-10 Discs 11+ Discs
    UK $9 $10 $20
    AUS $10 $12 $25
    APO $6 $8 $10
    Other $10 $12 $25

    NOTE: If you would like electrical component items such as players, amps, mixers, speakers or other shipped to international locations you will be required to sign a shipping release form.

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    FedEx told me that because FedEx is responsible for my late delivery, I can get a refund from Karaoke Warehouse. Is this true?

    Yes. You can email us at info@karaokewh.com or call 888-959-7464 and ask for FedEx Claims Department.

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    What is your return policy?

    Click here to see the return policy

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    How do I return an item to Karaoke Warehouse?

    You must first fill out the Return Request Application located in the upper right hand corner of KaraokeWH.com labeled "Returns" to obtain a Return Authorization Number before sending any merchandise back to Karaoke Warehouse.

    Shipping an item back without a Return Authorization will result in forfeiture of any refund or credit.

    Returns must be sent in original packing materials. Returns must be in original box with all accessories, original invoice, and/or discs.

    We suggest shipping your package with insurance coverage. This protects you if the package is lost or damaged.

    Please review the Return Policy located on the "Returns" page for a full explanation of our policy. Click here to view the Return Policy Directly.

    Returns should be sent to:
    Karaoke Warehouse
    4342A Lyman Drive
    Hilliard, OH 43026

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    What is the warranty on the equipment that you sell?

    The warranty on all of our players is one-year parts, 90 days labor.

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    How do I deal with RSQ equipment repairs?

    You can call the RSQ Customer Service department directly at (866)275-1777 or email them at the below email address.
    Customer Service:
    Amy amycho@mediasynccorp.com

    How can I contact the manufacturer of my equipment?

    This is a list of the manufacturers contact information.
    They will be able to supply additional information about their equipment that we carry and advanced technical support.

    H&F Technologies, Incorporated (Audio2000'S®)
    650 Flinn Avenue, Moorpark, California 93021 USA.
    Toll Free Phone Number: (805)523-2759
    Non Toll Free Phone Number:(800)661-8069
    Fax Number: (805)523-2021
    Website: www.audio2000s.com

    Karaoke USA, JFK
    1185 Gooden Xing, Largo, FL 33778
    Phone Number: (727)209-1313
    Fax Number:(727)209-1312
    Website: http://www.karaokeusa.com/

    (RSQ) MediaSync Corporation
    13855 Redwood Ave, Chino, CA 91710
    Toll Free Phone Number: (866)275-1777
    Phone Number: (909)287-0609
    Fax Number: (909)287-0699
    E-mail: www.mediasynccorp.com
    Website: http://www.rsqaudio.com/

    1728 Curtiss Court., La Verne, CA 91750
    Toll Free: (800)678-5348
    Website: http://www.vocopro.com/

    Yamaha Corporation of America
    6600 Orange Thorpe Ave., Buena Park, Calif. 90620, U.S.A.
    Telephone Number: (714)522-9011
    Website: http://yamaha.com/

    Sound Choice
    12245 Nations Ford Road, Suite 505 - Pineville, NC 28134
    Telephone Number: (800)788-4487
    Website: http://www.soundchoicestore.com/

    Pocket Songs-Music Minus One
    50 Executive Blvd., Elmsford, NY 10523, U.S.A.
    Telephone Number: (914)592-1188
    Website: http://www.pocketsongs.com/

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    Privacy and Security

    What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet?

    Despite what you may have heard, paying by credit card over the Internet is safer than paying by credit card in a restaurant. Karaoke Warehouse uses secure technologies to keep your transaction safe. We use a secure server, which means that all information sent to us is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This protects your information against disclosure to third parties. You can check on the status of our security by clicking the "Versign" logo at the bottom of our homepage. As added security, credit card information will never appear on any invoice sent to you nor do we store any credit cards - we will ask you for your credit information each time you purchase.

    However, if you're still worried, you always place your order by phone by calling 888-959-7464 in the USA and Canada and 614-527-2915 for international calls.

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    What are Cookies?

    Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser and to provide features such storage of items in your Shopping Cart between visits. The "help" portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. However, your cookie feature must be turned on for you to purchase from Karaoke Warehouse.

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    Are you going to give or sell my information to other companies?

    Absolutely not! Karaoke Warehouse requests your mailing and email addresses when you sign up for a customer account. This information is stored in database, so that you do not have to re-enter this information each time you purchase from us, and we never share this data with anyone else.

    Karaoke Warehouse will only use your email address to inform you of your order status. If you wish to be keep informed our of new releases and specials you must sign up for our weekly newsletter.

    You can unsubscribe or change your subscription to our newsletter at any time.

    We will only use the postal address provided to ship merchandise.

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    How do I change my account information?

    You can click here to go to our member modification page. If you've placed an order with us previously and you wish to change your billing address, for security reasons you will have to create a new account. Also for security reasons, we recommend that the billing and shipping addresses be the same in order to expedite your order.

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    Last revised 1/22/2014

  • Price Match Discount - Guaranteed Lowest Price:
    We will beat any advertised internet merchandise price by 1% from our competitors. More Info

    The Karaoke discs sold here contain professional recreations of popular songs and are not performed by the original artists.

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